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Apple Pacific Beauty Wholesale Distributor Supplier Agent For Fruit Import
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Apple Pacific Beauty-Pacific Beauty Apple

Pacific Beauty apples are creamy yellow, covered with a red blush and speckled with faint white lenticels (spots). Its creamy white flesh is crisp and juicy with an exceptionally sweet flavor. Pacific Beauty apples are rich in dietary fiber,specifically pectin which has been show to reduce cholesterol and improve glucose metabolism in diabetics. They also contain vitamins A and C as well as trace amounts of B, most of which can be found in the skin.


PT. Nusantara is a Commercial company Natura distributors import fruit and vegetables located in North Jakarta. Fruit and vegetables contained in our agricultural productsand the plantation in direct imports from abroad, and of course with a competitive wholesale price.


PT. Nusantara Natura Commerce has experienced in the field of the provision of fruit and vegetables to a variety of firms in the country ranging from industry, manufacturing, hotel, restaurant, catering, bakery, right down to the retail level reseller. Quality assurance, quantity and there is continuityis one of the keys to our success in maintaining the confidence and satisfaction of our partners for more than 15 years.


We only serve in wholesale. For more information, please contact us or visit our website:

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