Smoked Coconut Thailand
Smoked Coconut Thailand
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03 Mar 2020
1 dus
IDR 575.000

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Fruit Fresh Coconut Grill Thailand - Thai Smoked Coconut

Coconut (Cocos nucifera) is the sole member of the clan of the tribe palm Cocos-arenan or Arecaceae. This plant is used almost all parts by humans that is considered as a versatile plant, especially for coastal communities. Coconut also is the name for the fruit produced by this plant. This plant is expected to come from the Indian Ocean coast on the Asian side, but has now spread throughout the world's tropical coast.

PT. Natura Niaga Nusantara is a distributor of imported fruit and vegetables located in North Jakarta. Fruits and vegetables are contained in our agricultural and plantation products are imported directly from overseas, and of course with competitive wholesale price.

PT. Natura Niaga Nusantara has been experienced in the provision of fruit and vegetables to various companies in the country ranging from industry, manufacturing, hotel, restaurant, catering, bakery, down to the retail level reseller. Guarantee the quality, quantity and continuity is one of the keys to our success in maintaining the trust and satisfaction of our business partners for over 15 years.

We only serve ordering in bulk. For more information please contact us.

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